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Post by AddabaZZ on Sun Sep 02, 2007 2:11 pm

Mod selection

1. At LeasT 500 PosTs or AdminZ SpeciaL AppointeD.
2. MusT VisiT AddabaaZ.CoM RegularLy & MusT HaVe A ConsistenT RaTe Of PostinG.
3. MusT Be AffectionaTe TowarDs AddabaaZ.CoM
4. ShoulD Be An Easy GoinG, AmiabLe & CreatiVe PersoN, & ShoulD BehaVe RespectfuLLy To The OtheR MembeRs.
5. MusT Be VeRy HelpfuL TowarDs Da MembeRs.
SiTe OwneR

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