RuLe No.1: PosTs Of AduLt ContenTs

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RuLe No.1: PosTs Of AduLt ContenTs

Post by AddabaZZ on Sun Sep 02, 2007 2:15 pm

PosTs Of AduLt ContenTs

If YouR PosTs ContaiN ExpliciT AduLt ContenTs, The ManagemenT ( AdmiN n MoD ) WiLL NoT GoNNa WarN YoU. YoU’LL GeT BanneD At The VeRy FirSt TiMe. The ExplicitneSS Of YouR ContenTs WiLL Be A SubjecT To The AdmiN's ConsideratioN WhO WiLL See It At FirSt.
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